On Guillermo Gregorio: Approximately (hat ART CD 6184)

“… austerely beautiful sound-world. This is a music of intimate exchange…. Introspective, subtly nuanced, Approximately is a disc that requires–and repays–the closest attention. … a masterpiece.”

     Graham Lock, Gramophone Jazz Good CD Guide, England.


“For hearing this disc is what I urge you to do, whatever your musical preferences….”

     Mike Silverton, Fanfare.


Approximately is a highly demanding disc, absorbing, and challenging…. A trip to the land of musical risk ….”

     Voice Magazine, Spain.


“A music of immense formal beauty, free, and without limits….”

     Edward Fuente, Cuadernos de Jazz, Spain.


“Gregorio is an uncommonly effective (and affective) musician; Approximately embodies exactly the type of original musical thought that one wishes were more common.”

     Chris Kelsey, Cadence, USA.


“Writing for various combinations of reeds, violin, piano and bass, Guillermo crafts a chamber music of insistent but subtle vitality…. Gregorio has a great ear for melodic contours … and fluidity prevails.”

     Randal McIlroy, Coda Magazine, Canada.


“… oppositions seem to be essential to this music. However, this is not a music that one can simply ‘label.’ By contrast, it arises … in the crossroads of Jazz and New Music.”

     Tilman Urbach, FonoForum, Switzerland.


“…[Gregorio’s] architectural sense is reflected in his compositions. Decisive influences on his music are the principles of aleatoric music as well as Jazz musicians such as Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh…. From these parameters he ‘constructs’ or finds his own concrete musical language, [which] has a very logical inner order–although it does not make do without space for indeterminacy–, opposes frozen conventions, and achieves a pursued balance between composed structure and freedom of improvisation….”

     Han, Jazz Live, Austria.


“… It goes without saying that I recommend [Gregorio’s] CD. (…) What predominates [in his music] is a thinking with tones, a musical enlightenment, in which flickering fashionable trends are pulverized….”

     Franz Koglmann, Wespennest, Austria.


“… a cool trace, in which not only the restrained Cool Jazz aesthetics is imprisoned as in a soap-bubble but also the will to a lyrical abstraction as well as the conviction to break out of the schemes without the toughness of a Free-Jazz-Powerplay…. However, his constructivist music is not a prison: In both his composed pieces and free-improvisations, the lines of Gregorio’s ensemble arrive likewise at a hovering balance, which highlights his cool (but not overcool) conception. “

     Peter Niklas Wilson, 4 Musica, Germany.


“…great sketches of intensely original, delicious invention cradled in a state of tranquil self-assurance…. Gregorio, one of new music’s great and gracious innovators….”

     Mike Silverton, La Folia, Volume 1 Number 4 (




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