As a Leader, Composer, and Performer:

2012: Guillermo Gregorio: Construction in Four Parts (+Three Interpolative Spaces)

(Commissioned by and dedicated to the MAKROKOSMOS QUARTET), Recorded by the Makrokosmos Quartet, hat[now]ART 181

2011: Beyond Notation/Notation Beyond. Leonardo Music Journal CD 21

Compositions by Guillermo Gregorio, Gordon Mumma, Pauline Oliveros, others


2005: Guillermo Gregorio: Coplanar, New World Records 80639-2


2002: Guillermo Gregorio: Faktura, hat[now]ART 146

2001: Guillermo Gregorio Ensemble: Philip Corner: Mississippi River South of Memphis

(In Between Sound and Vision). UIC/Gallery 400 CD


2000: Guillermo Gregorio: Otra Música: Tape Music, Fluxus and Free Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-70, Atavistic UMS/ALP209CD


2000: Guillermo Gregorio: Degrees of Iconicity, hat[now]ART 134


1999: Guillermo Gregorio Trio: Red Cube(d), hatART/hatOLOGY 531


1997: Guillermo Gregorio: Ellipsis, hatART/hatOLOGY 511


1995: Guillermo Gregorio: Approximately, hatART 6184

With Various Others:

2013: Baker / Gregorio / Thieke / Zerang: Sack of Rice, Peira PM20

2013: Vandermark / Gustafsson / Gregorio / Morris / others: Pipeline, CvsD CD010

2013: Gregorio/Swell/Karayorgis: Window and Doorway, Driff Records

2012: Gregorio/Giallorenzo: Multiverse, Peira PM17

2012: Gregorio/Roebke/Labycz: Without Titles, Peira PM16

2011: Gregorio/Roebke/Labycz: Colectivos, Peira PM04

2011: Cohn/Ditmas/Gregorio/Kono: The Novel, Unseen Rain UR9973

2006: Gregorio/Karayorgis/McBride: Chicago Approach, Nuscope CD 1019

2004: Cornelius Cardew: Material, hat[now]ART 150

1998: Cornelius Cardew: Treatise, hat[now]ART 2 122

1998: Gregorio/Gustafsson/Nordesson: Background Music, hatART/hatOLOGY 520

1997: Anthony Braxton: Compositions No. 10 and No. 16(+101), hat[now]ART 108

With Ran Blake:

1999: Ran Blake: Something to Live For, hatART/hatOLOGY 527

With Franz Koglmann:

1992: Franz Koglmann: Cantos I-IV, hat ART 6123

1990: KIMUS #5 (Alternate Takes from The Use of Memory), hat ART CD 16005

1990: Franz Koglmann: The Use of Memory, hat ART 6078

1988: KIMUS #3 (Alternate Takes from Orte der Geometrie), hat ART CD 16003

1988: Franz Koglmann: Orte der Geometrie, hat ART 6018

With Josh Berman & His Gang:

2012: There Now, Delmark DE 2016

With Sebi Tramontana:

2010: Night People, Palomar Records 21

With Keefe Jackson’s Project Project:

2007: Just Like This, Delmark DE 580

With Fred Lonberg-Holm Quartet:

2006: Bridges Freeze Before Roads, Longbox Recordings LBT036

With the 774th Street Quartet

2005: A Rare Thing, Bloody Murder BM 101-1

With Scott Fields Ensemble:

2004: Christangelfox, 482 Music 482-1029

2002: From the Diary of Dog Drexel, Rossbin RS008

With Josh Abrams-Axel Doerner Quartet:

2003: Cipher, Delmark DG-546

With The Light Box Orchestra:

2002: First Contact!, Locust Music 9

With Boxhead Ensemble:

2001: Two Brothers, Atavistic alp126cd

With Dough Hoekstra:

2001: Around The Margins, Inbetweens 5015

With Simon Joyner:

2001: Hotel Lives, Alp 318/Truck 18

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